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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How I Wore My Heels: Wedge Sneaker Style

Without further ado, may I introduce you to my wedge sneakers. Love. these. things. My new ASH "Cool" wedges are so freaking cool, really. I can be a mom and wear wedges - sweeeeeet. (although, they will creep up on ya after the day's gone by...they're so comfy, I had to remind myself they're still wedges) But what do you think? In the Twitter world, I've kept track of folks bantering back and forth and it seems many of you are torn. All I can say is I've been eying these puppies for practically an entire year after seeing them on celebs and thinking they're so adorably chic. 

These? I scooped them up at the ASH store in New York during Fashion's Night Out and got a dandy 15-percent off, so they ended up being right around $200 (and might I mention ASH had the most fun photo booth to take those old-school insta-photo strips...they're now hanging on my fridge next to little C's artwork!). But don't shake your head at me on the price. Competitor brands are being sold (ahem, Isabel Marant) for upwards of $600, and these have the perfect cool-girl aesthetic to me, while still being budget-friendly. Plus, there are tons of great colors to choose from (I debated so hard, but ultimately went with a brown I can wear with all...I love pairing it with black as well!). If you're slightly edgier than me, there is a super-sweet pair of black and cobalt blue calling your name. Right now I'm wearing with leggings and skinnies, but I'm hoping to master how to wear them with a dress. Oy. I'm hoping for the best. 

Here's how I wore my "heels": 
 * "Cool" wedge sneakers by ASH (love this pair, too!) (Kourtney Kardashian and Eliza Dushku were just spotted in them, but that's just to name some...there are too many to count.)
* Black zipper leggings by LnA (they literally melt on...closet staple...similar ones here)
* Brown top by MICHAEL Michael Kors from TJ Maxx (softest little darling...but it is quite sheer with a slight animal-print to it...I rec a cami under it.)
* Cropped black leather jacket by JouJou from Marshalls (this was only $30 and it was on my fall "list" so obvi it was a given...I might just go back and buy it in brown!)
* Earrings by Kardashian Kollection for Sears (I must admit these suckers are heavy, but I love the giant size because they don't get hidden in my massive hair. We suffer for fashion.)


  1. Those wedge sneakers are so fun! I really need to try a pair of these one soon :)
    Love the look!

  2. YES you do, T! You'll never wanna take them off lol. Thanks! xo

  3. So cute! Entire outfit makes me :)

  4. You look ADORABLE! And I love the sneaker wedges! I ordered some Jeffrey Campbell ones and they just got delivered yesterday. Will be posting how I wore mine soon!

    I did leggings too with mine. Great minds! ;)

  5. THANK y'all! Sassy Peach, you're gonna look so sassy, lol. I can't *wait* to see your look! I haven't scoped out the JC ones, yet!


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