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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pencey & DJ Mia Moretti Collab

There's something for everyone in Pencey's spring collection
When I was in New York just recently, I had the opp to stop by The Grey Lady on the Lower East Side (Bleeker Street/Bowery area). I was thrilled for the chance to see DJ Mia Moretti and her new collaboration with Pencey (Mia Moretti X Pencey) as well as Pencey's spring collection - up close and personal. And personal, it was! The setting was very casual and intimate - models stood atop cinder blocks in both nude and neon heels as well as Converse tennis shoes. Everything fit together perfectly - the atmosphere with the collection with the crowd. It all screamed tomboy chic with that definite cool edge that is so Pencey, right? I wasn't sure what to expect, but now I'm wanting it all. (and I sorta wanna wear my Converse with everything in my closet...shhhhhh...)

Mia was so down-to-earth (duh) and walked guests through the pieces. And I loved the extra touch of the floral headpieces (Mia donned one herself!), which are so hot right now. Who else could mix sweatpants and lace with ombre tees, cropped tops and banana prints? So effortlessly chic, indeed. Can I be a downtown hipster right now?
Mia does prints so well

So edgy; so refined

And here's a little more on the collab from the press release:
Mia Moretti x Pencey is a 10 piece jazz-era inspired capsule collection designed by Pencey’s Christina Minasian and Mia Moretti. They based the collection around the perfect pant and added on blouses and blazers to pair with them. For Mia, designing the prints with Christina was very much like writing a story: Their characters, Eva Peron (the face print) and Josephine Baker (the banana leaf print) came to life, inspiring them as they expanded the line. Eva ushered them into an age of sophistication – she was a symbol of hope, a woman of untiring power and beauty. Josephine danced into their hearts with a wink, loosened their collars, lightened their moods, played gently with their fears, freeing them of the standards imposed on them as women during the early 20th century. In their story, women are strong, and also beautiful; they’re elegant and still sexy, powerful whether buttoned up or loosened up.

I'm in love with this dress and the asymmetrical hemline

Heels & Converse

If only we could all look this cool, right?

The best lighting I could get - here I am with Mia Moretti.

Love, love and love

Here's Mia's full attire...she's wearing the banana print and some awesome, quirky loafers

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