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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wanted: Current/Elliott Rider Legging

Happy fall, y'all! I've missed you!!!! I decided since this weekend was my birthday and all, I would take a breather and take a lil' tech break - a nice three-day weekend for me. We all need it sometimes, right? So I'm glad to be back in action this week with some fresh fashion - and today I'm swooning over my latest stylish fav, Olivia Palermo. In my sweet lil' fashion eyes, she can really do no wrong. She knows exactly what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it. Love. her. style. 

Put Olivia in Current/Elliott and I'm at a loss for words. As of late, I can't get enough of the denim brand (I had a mild heart attack when I walked past a front-row seat at fashion week that said "Emily Current"). I sort of have a thing for it, and have recently acquired a few new pairs (yes, a few) after letting loose in Barneys (oops...I need a leash). Now I'm yearning for the Rider legging Olivia wore recently - in crimson. Such a doll of a color, and one of the hottest hues for fall. I would've never thought to put orange with it as she did (and still might not because of my hair color), but I really and truly think it works wonderfully. A boxy sweater is def the shape you should wear with a sleek legging such as this. Add heels and a statement bag and, hello, girlfriend! Currently jotting down "crimson legging" on my fall wish list. You?

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  1. Oooh I like everything lol! Happy Belated Birthday :)


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