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Monday, October 22, 2012

bareMinerals READY Foundation, How I Love Thee

And I honestly didn't think my bareMinerals could get any better...I really didn't! As you know, I test out different foundations as part of my job here at I Heart Heels, yet there's always the personal fav and the foundation that you just wear, ya know? I will attest I've been wearing the bareMinerals powder formulas (both the regular and matte) for quite some time (possibly for the last five years?). That's a long time in make-up land, am I right? When you find something, you stick with it. And foundation is something I've struggled to find a BFF with forever. We're talking most of my life.

Ok, so along comes something new from bareMinerals, so I must try it and compare...right? It's the new READY Foundation (with SPF 20), and, if you remember my previous post, it's the first-ever solid foundation from the company. (For those of you who dislike the mess of the old formula...although I never found it too messy, personally. Maybe on my bathroom countertops, ha!) The results? I'm in absolute BLISS...I love this product! I'm not gonna lie, this is going to be my new go-to foundation because it has all of the things I love about the old (mainly a great, light coverage) with some added perks (did you know it increases hydration the more you wear it and it keeps your skin looking fresh and young...after a 12 hours of wear. So, the more you wear, the better your skin looks!). It only retails for a couple dollars more ($29) than the Matte version. The brand does suggest maybe choosing a shade darker than what you normally use in the older versions, and I found this true for myself. 

Yesterday, my 10-year-old neighbor asked me, "how old are you? you look young!" Ok, so I can't lie about how giddy I felt inside, and then I made her guess. She guessed the decade beneath mine...and several years under what I am. Yes, I was wearing this foundation. I'm a believer, y'all...

P.S. Another new (amazing!) product to try for those like me with lack of sleep? Well Rested. It's an eye brightener on a stick, and it's absolutely joyous for those under-eye circles (I mean, not that I have any of those....wink.).

Here I am wearing my new READY foundation. I'm obsessed!

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