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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whiny Wednesday: Color the Numbers

These days, if your little one doesn't know the "swipe" or the "tap," it's abnormal. Am I right? I must admit, I don't really like just handing my phone to little C. to play with...in fact, I rarely do (however, I certainly don't judge you if you do...I understand! we moms need available entertainment, and on the fly!). What I do love about my iPhone are the apps, and the way they're actually beneficial to little C. In fact, when he first started to speak around two years old, we would use certain apps (like a fun fishing game where the water splashes) to encourage him to say more words. It helped tremendously! Now that he's talking my ear off? Well, we're on to learning things like colors and numbers (although I must admit he knew these basics at just one year old...insert mom brag). 

We recently stumbled across a new app, Color the Numbers, developed by Luke Irvin of Irvin Media and it's fantastic! It's so fun, and obviously a great educational tool. There are many different pictures you can "color" as you match the colors to the numbers. little C. and I had our first attempt (thank you) at the photo above. What a nice blue bunny rabbit, right?! Ok, fine, so it doesn't use the correct colors and isn't exactly in the lines, but you get the point. We're still learning and having fun, and discovering all of the different pictures. Once little C. gets the hang of it, I'll have to tweet out his masterpiece for ya. That's right, you can even share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email. Love that.

And I do admit I had a little too much fun myself coloring by the numbers. Now, if only I had an iPad...

P.S. This app is free, but you can update to the paid version (just $0.99) to block all ads and have access to "unlock" all of the coloring pages.

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