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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Taste, Great Style

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I think I've about made myself sick off candy...I'm officially cutting myself off right now and sending everything that's left to D's work (that's usually my tactic...it gets scarfed down at the office in no time!). little C. was the cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen (no, seriously) and I had fun wearing my new printed jeans (see today's next post in a bit...) and red Rudolph nose. 

Wearing my new jeans (and hearing about the newest Yoplait flavors, believe it or not) made me think...what fall's hottest trends right now? I wanna share some of my favs with you! Obvi the first one...

1. Printed jeans: They became popular this past spring, and I was kinda like "eh." I loathe the flowers, I just do. Not flattering, folks, unless you're, well, Nicole Richie. But, then all of a sudden these gorgeous patterns began to emerge...we're not talking animal-print here. Think chevron and ikat and just plain abstract. I LOVE these prints, and if you wear them in a darker due, they're totally flattering and unique. This trend's not going away!

2. Wedge sneakers: I'm wearing my new fav pair in the photo above...I acquired them while in New York for fashion week. I wear them at least once a week, if not more. So comfy and chic...and not one wear goes by without someone complimenting them. I find they really stick out (in a good way, obvi) with leggings, and I love how my brown pair contrasts with black. Pssst to those mean girls in junior high who told me you couldn't wear brown with black. Look here!

3. Peter Pan collars: No, we're not exactly talking the character here, but the style. Check it. This bib necklace style that mimics a collar is completely h-o-t right now, and it's a trend you can wear for ages. I now own two...one that's a heavier metal and another that's made out of fabric and ribbon. Either way, I love wearing them with a simple tee...the mix of casual and cool is so perfect!  

4. Studded earrings: Lately I've been obsessed with wearing simple heart studded earrings. I went through a "phase" where I would only wear the most gigantic hoops I could find. And while I still embrace them, there's something to be said about dainty little studs. And my ears don't hurt from them, either. ;)

5. Infinity scarves: one of the easiest ways to spruce up a winter outfit in an instant. And really, if you don't know how to tie a scarf in that special chic way (ahem, me), it's a great way of cheating! I like to buy them in bright colors to wear with black and brown.  

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