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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lounging in Style

Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Mary Green’s Sleep Masks ($24.50) at MaryGreen.com, Long Tall Sally’s Cami ($25) and PJ Pant ($39) at LongTallSally.com, Daniel Green’s “Abigail” Slipper ($40) at DanielGreen.com, Mary Green’s “Midnight in Satin” chemise ($121) at MaryGreen.com.
I must admit, all I wanna do right now is lounge around the house. My heels sorta have their feelings hurt, but this week it's all about the PJs. So I felt like I had to share with you some of these finds. Because if we're gonna be in our PJs, we're gonna be cute, right?

Most every trip, I make, I throw in a sleep mask. Hey, if I'm on a trip, I'm making it worthwhile - and these things are heaven to me. Of course, my travel partners all break out in laughter, and I'm glad to provide the chic entertainment. They won't be laughing the next morning when they're the ones with the under-eye circles (oh, I kid!). I'm gonna have to scoop up one of these masks by Mary Green. Swoon.

I also adore sleeping in a great satin chemise. TMI, perhaps, but honeys these are delightful. I'm pretty hot-natured, so this is comfort (and luxe at the same time) at its finest. A satin pillowcase just might be next. On nights that are really chilly (which aren't abundant down south), I can't resist an old-fashioned cami and PJ pants. These from Long Tall Sally are precious and quite possibly what I need for my New Year's night in (which I have mixed feelings about...le sigh...). Add a pair of lush slippers (love mine from Daniel Green) and you've lost me. In my mind, I'm already in front of the fireplace in my luxe get-up, sleep mask at the ready, stacks of magazines at my side. See you there soon?

[Photos Courtesy Ann Magnin]

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