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Monday, January 14, 2013

Beauty Products I'm Loving

Oof, it's totally a beauty day, right? I feel like January is that month when I'm trying out all sorts of new things searching for those magic potions to make me feel better about myself and all that tragic eating I did over the holidays. Sorta repair myself. Wink. 

Since I've been trying so many products lately (my counter's slowly getting out of hand, actually), I thought it best to separate what I'm loving into categories. It just makes sense! Sorta my own beauty awards to start off the year, if ya will? Here goes...(drumroll?)

Since I've grown out my hair, it's become a huge part of my life. And I say this jokingly, but I really do mean it! You know how there are body parts you hate? Well, my hair is one I love and I've been thankful enough to receive the strawberry blonde genes from my beloved Meme who passed away many years ago, but whose fiery, red locks I'll always remember. She was never without lipstick, either.
Right now, I'm addicted to my Davines LOVE shampoo/conditioner. After using a drugstore product combo I just didn't adore, I wanted to try something that realllllllly brought out my natural waves (that I've learned to embrace since becoming a mama...), that would combat frizz from those waves and that would still keep my oil in check and color vibrant. I think this duo does it...and it smells great. It takes a little getting used to the "tub" of conditioner for all you shower folks like me, but it's a small price to pay for hair luxury. And I do mean at nearly $40 for both, it's def luxury...

If it smells great, I'll use a body bar, but for the most part it's body wash all the way for me. It's way too easy! I've long been a fan of Molton Brown (and swoon every time I stay somewhere that stocks it when I travel), and the Pink Pepper scent is wonderful! When I read the name, I wasn't sure. Pepper? But, girlies, oh my! It's spicy and bold, yet it leaves you feeling so clean and wanting more. It's different than any other scent I've tried, and I think the hint of ginger and patchouli offsets the fiery pink pepper just right. It's worth the $30 because it lasts quite awhile. Oh, and there's also an amazing body exfoliator for those who love their baths!

You def need the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. Celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow literally just tweeted me she was using these at the Golden Globes backstage and swears by these for depuffing around the eye area. You know what? I do, too! I like to call them a "little piece of heaven." You get eight eye gels for $30, and mark my word, you'll never get through life again without them. Since they are slightly pricy, I save mine for the night before special occasions (or when I want a really special treat!). It only takes 10 minutes (although I find myself wanting to keep them on forever). It helps depuff, but also combat wrinkles, and all you have to do is peel them off and place them under your eyes. Go to the Web site and check out the amazing beneficial ingredients...they're endless! Love. this. brand.

I'm tried and true to a lot about my makeup routine, but one area I think is fun to play around with is eye shadow! Lately, I've been testing the new spring colors sent to me from Bare Escentuals (I know I'm early, but alas, the life of a beauty blogger...). In case you haven't heard, GREEN is going to be huge this season, and I've been loving the new READY Eyeshadow 4.0, Remix Edition in The Wild Thing. For $30, it has some really striking greens...and brown and blue! The new READY line was quickly a fav of mine since it's not as messy and as a mom, I'm always on the go. The foundation is actually quite brilliant. 

P.S. All products were provided to me as samples because, well, it's just hard to let you know what I love if I don't try them first! All opinions are def my own. ;)

[Photos via Barneys; Molton Brown; Skyn Iceland; Bare Escentuals]

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