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Friday, January 25, 2013

Diet Coke and The Heart Truth...I'm Going to New York!

Happy Friday, chicsters! Can I please shout from my tallest peeptoes that I'm going to New York for a few days for The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show?!?! Thanks to Diet Coke, I was chosen as one of five winners via this photo I entered on Instagram/Twitter with the tagline #showyourheart. Can't. believe. I. won. Squealing through the computer screen at you right now! And, yes, those are just a sampling of my heels. ;)

I heard about this contest through social media, and get this, other bloggers! Diet Coke did a great job spreading the word, and I thought oh, what the heck I'll try. I actually snapped this photo while little C. was napping, just outside my bedroom door! I'm pretty proud of it, and will probably blow it up now and make a collage out of it with the rest of my soon-to-be New York momentos. I can't wait to see who else joins me - and you still have time! Diet Coke will be choosing three more winners until Sunday...just instagram/tweet a heartwarming photo with the tag #showyourheart and you're automatically entered. I can't believe how easy this contest was...within 24 hours I was contacted I had won a trip to New York!

Out of every season of fashion week I've attended, I've never been able to make this particular show - since I've only been in February one time and that was my very, first season. Needless to say, I'm pumped (pun, intended). I'm way excited to see all the celebrities (um, I get to meet Minka Kelly?) and gorgeous dresses - and I'm proud to support such an amazing cause to raise awareness for women's heart health programs and issues. 

More deets on what I'll be wearing - I can't wait to share with you! As you can imagine, with this last minute planning, I'm scouring the closet trying to pick that one special pair of heels. Oh, I can't *wait* to get to New York...love that city with all my heart.

[Photo Credit: I Heart Heels]

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  1. I want you to know that I kind of squealed with you!! This is so exciting! I know you are going to represent us well! Can't wait to see the posts from your trip! Congrats!


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