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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello, Frame Denim...I Have a Jeans Obsession

Skinny jeans (um, adore Frame Denim) aren't going away anytime soon, folks, and they shouldn't. They're the most versatile jean you could have in your closet. Tuck in a shirt and pair it with an oversized blazer (think Miranda Kerr recently), or my fav...wear a billowy tee to balance out the skinny on bottom. What's more, your shoe options are unlimited. Wear any kind of heel you want (although, I'm a fan of a more classy, thin heel than a wedge with them), or pair them with riding boots or ballet flats. And if you must, loafers a la this outfit here (not an incredible fan of the loafer...shrug).

If you've been following on instagram as of late, you'll remember my need for more hangers. See, I decided to completely redo the denim section of my closet. I then realized I had a jeans obsession (a true denim lover will never tell the amount of jeans she owns...partly due to embarrassment...). Instead of hanging my jeans where they fold, I'm now hanging them on those clippy hangers where they are straight and my life is instantly transformed. Who knew it was that easy, right? I threw those old wire hangers across the room (well, not literally) and began a deep sigh of relief. Here's a quick photo of when I first began (I organized first by pant leg - skinny, flare, boot, etc. - then color)...I hope to show you a full photo of my completely reorganized closet soon (baby steps). 

Now maybe I can find room for one more pair of skinnies...you think? ;)

P.S. You can buy Miranda's Frame jeans here for $189. They're the “Le Skinny de Jeanne” jeans in Columbia Road. Even the name's glamorous. 

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  1. I am a totallllll jean fanatic!! I have maybe 10 jeans right now (going through a rough time rebuying everything because i've gone up a size) but I've had as many as 18...or more... ;)
    Like I've said before if you ever think of giving away some of your old clothes, message me

    Teri C. <3


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