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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How I Wore My Heels: Grey Street

I hope everyone enjoyed a long weekend...please say you did? I personally enjoyed our *sunshine* and mild temps (for this time of year), so got outside more than usual, which was nice. I hopped over to one of my secret photography spots and practiced some newly-learned tricks from a camera class I took over the weekend. Photography is something I figured out I sort of enjoy...I actually have relatives who are professionals. How fun would that be? 

I'm so ready for winter to be over (duh, right? I guess there are some people who enjoy it...), but until then, I'm trying to spice up those grey days with a little pop of color and metallics. I find it very hard for me to wear grey, but I love it so much! I acquired this new LnA tee over the holiday break and these are the newest pair of jeans I'm trying out. What?! Yes, they're animal print, and I thought I would never see myself wearing a pair. Let me say, they are surprisingly very easy to wear (just make sure you add neutrals!) - and comfortable, to boot. This pair is by Bleulab - and drumroll, please - is reversible! Yep, they reverse to a cool black coated version and that makes me excited. I can be daring one day, and not so much the next. That's just about how mu fashion demeanor goes most weeks. And, of course, ankle boots have not left the building...um, nor will they ever. Get thee a pair if you haven't already - they're your skinny jeans' best friends. 

Here's how I wore my heels:
Grey Checker Sweater, gifted by LnA (this sweater is comfy cozy, and I adore how the back is longer to wear with tighter pants)
Pink "Favorite" tank by J.Crew (I buy these in bulk, and they usually go on sale, one color at a time. It seems no one wanted this color...no idea why. LOVE.)
Detour cheetah skinny jeans, gifted by Bleulab (I seriously tried these on at the end of dinner (I know, I'm insane) and they fit like a glove; no joke. They're comfy as can be and I'm giddy over the fact that they reverse. P.S. Celebs adore.)
Bib necklace from local shopping mecca, Savoir-Faire (I'm obsessed x 1000 with these dainty necklaces that mirror the poplar Peter Pan collar. I even wore this one to the BCBG runway show last September.)
Metallic logo clutch, gifted by Tory Burch (a fun piece that makes me feel insta-glam...the chain is removable!)
  Chiara ankle boots in Anthracite, gifted by Alberto Fermani (probably the most quality pair of boots I own...swoon. I wear with every pair of skinny jeans I own...tuck them in and go! And the perfect heel height to tote the little guy around.)

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