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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Happy New Year!

I spend half my life in LnA...here's one of the newest.
Ok, um, yeah. I'm BACK. I can't believe it's been a whole two weeks...I've really and truly missed you all! Oh, the shoes we've all worn, right?! We need to catch up. Since today's the first day in awhile for me to blog, I feel like we should make like old friends and really just catch up...sort of a recap! The month of December was so cray...little C's birthday was the beginning of the excitement (he's 3 and someone must have hit the sweet button because yesterday (January 1, 2013...yes, I'm recording it), he said "mama I'm hugging you because I love you." OMG times 1,000 right there, folks. What a way to start 2013. 
Santa brought little C. a Treehaus balance bike. He's yet to touch it. :)

Honestly, while I can't complain (I have a roof over my head and peeptoes on my feet), I wasn't too impressed with 2012, so I'm rolling right into 2013 with squeals. Wanna know how? I've literally rearranged my ENTIRE house (no, really) - to recreate that sorta of feng shui I need. Immediately I felt a huge sigh of relief...it's been seven years since I've rearranged our furniture. And to think my mother used to do this almost weekly! (love you, mom) I even bought all-new bath towels. Out with the old and in with the new, I'm ready to take on this new year in every aspect. I feel like my holiday blogging break has been great for me, and don't be surprised if I take more breaks this year. Whereas last year, I was trying to speed everything up, I think this year, I just wanna slow down. I foresee this year as one to focus on family and to try to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. I can be. 
We got 10 inches of snow! Just wish we could've kept our power to enjoy.

We had an interesting holiday break, to say the least. We traveled with a sick daddy and kiddo (yep, it's fun when you're the only well one around...not so much...?), then we came home to one full day before our power was knocked out by a blizzard ...down south, can you believe?! So, we traveled again...to the other side of the family where we stayed and stayed until finally our power was restored, just in time for New Year's when I nibbled on gourmet smiley-face fries and ate chocolate in bed with The Holiday (my fav movie). By next week, our complete routine should be back and this Virgo's sorta craving that just a little. (not to mention, I have a lot of gift cards and a huge store credit waiting on me to spend...)
The aforementioned smiley-face fries. Cuter than they are yummy.

All in all, I hope you had an amazing holiday break, but secretly hope you missed reading I Heart Heels just a little (deep down in your heart, perhaps?). I'm in the process of lots of beauty giveaways in this new year, so stay tuned! I'm so glad to have you back - MWAH! Heart you, xoxo

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