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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter White

Forget the saying never wear white after Labor Day. Well, and if you're slightly intimidated, wear it on your watch! Winter white is so chic. I've long been a fan of the Sprout watch. That is, they're timepieces made from sustainable materials including conflict free diamonds, organic cotton, corn resin and bamboo which all run on a mercury-free battery. I mean, why can't all watch companies follow suit? Genius. 

Isn't it funny how white can be so minimalist, yet such a statement maker? I've been wearing this water-resistant one sent to me to Pilates, but out and about all around town as well. Right now, I think really BIG faces are the thing, and the black and white on this one is so striking...not to mention, goes with everything. I love how big it looks on my wrist (it has a boxy fit as well, so it's not binding)...like I borrowed my guy's watch from his drawer. Except, I didn't because mine's WAY cooler. Wink.

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