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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How I Wore My Heels: NEON

Hey, dolls! Remember last year when it started to warm up and everyone went craaaaazy over everything neon? Well, the trend's not going away this season either and I'm, well, happy. Just a small boost of color can brighten a mood pretty quickly, I've discovered. I've noticed when I wear hot pink, people notice...and they love it! As long as you don't go overboard, you're good. With that being said, YES MY PRABAL GURUNG FOR TARGET SHOES ARE A JOY! Couldn't help but scream that from the rooftop. My shoe closet's never been so freaking happy.

What's absolutely perfect is I had been wanting a pair of neon heels for ages, so when I saw these I knew they had to be mine. I know neon isn't what we might call classic, but the silhouette and these pumps and the solid hue is and the neon will pep up nearly anything for spring/summer (and into fall, perhaps?). Talk about a fun pair of shoes. And might I add that they're comfortable...gasp! It's true. Some folks have said theirs run a bit large, but I found mine a truly perfect fit to my normal size. They're actually the only thing I'll wear with my boyfriend jeans lately because I like the balance of semi-sloppy and fancy. ;)

One other spring biggie we must address right now. The baseball tee. I'm not sure when my obsession with the color pink began (as my highlights kept getting blonder and blonder, maybe?), but I have a crush. on. this. shirt. It's by Pima Doll. The sleeves are actually perforated, so I have yet to see another baseball tee so chic, girlies. This color won't be available until March 5 (and word is some celebs will be sporting it soon!!), but it also comes in these other two colors.

Two words for spring/summer? Embrace color. Life's too short to wear black every day. ;)

Here's how I wore my heels:
*Perforated Raglan ("Baseball") Tee gifted by Pima Doll (this shirt's fitted, but I'm even wearing a size smaller than usual and it works)
*Boyfriend Jeans by Current/Elliott (bought these at Barneys last September and they're super-duper comfy...could've gone down a size, but stayed with the reg. Keep in mind sizing is iffy and it all depends on how you personally want them to fit...a true baggier boyfriend or more fitted.)
*Mini MAC gifted by Rebecca Minkoff (I'm carrying it as clutch, but it also has a chain strap)
*Wooden Bliss Bangle gifted by Karen London (I even model it on their Web site, lol!)
*Neon pumps by Prabal Gurung for Target (at just $39.99, I literally had my credit card waiting as I refreshed the page for these babies at 1 a.m...I certainly didn't wanna miss out!)

P.S. My cheap lil' tripod broke for the THIRD time, so yes it's time to invest, I know. Gotta give props to D. for running home to take these photos of me. Swoon. Engineer turned photographer, perhaps? :)


  1. LOVE it. You are so cute! I got the ankle strap heels in sulfur and I can't wait to wear them!

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  3. LOVE IT! So bright and cheery!



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