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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Style Books: The newest IT Accessory

If you thought Shopbop only carried clothing, think again. Style books? They're the hottest lil' accessory of the moment. You'll not only wanna set these out on your coffee table, you'll wanna read them, too. (I know, gasp!) D. surprised me with the Amanda Brooks book above a couple of years ago...obvi it was love at first sight with that sweet, sweet heart on the cover. (But don't judge it by that, there are endless style tid-bits in this baby!)
This jewel by Camilla Morton is next on my style book "must list" - I mean, approp, right?
 photo BOOKS2004413153_p1-b_zps756c5126.jpg
I'm thinking this one on elegance is one we should all own...after all, I shudder at sweatpants at the dinner table.
And this last one, my friends, will be the book of all books in my personal collection. Imagine...illustrations by MANOLO BLAHNIK. *I faint* 

All of these retail around $20 each and are available at Shopbop.com. Might I mention they're great Mother's Day and graduation presents? You're welcome.

[Photos Courtesy Shopbop]

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