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Monday, February 25, 2013

What's New from Katherine Kwei

Now that we've got all that Oscars chatter outta our systems (whew), let's talk bags, shall we? Katherine Kwei makes the coolest handbags  around...just look! These are a few of my favs from the upcoming fall/winter 2013 collection, and I love how playful they are.

I've always thought the fringe bags were what KK does best (the one above is quite necessary for fall, you guys!), but I'm also really digging the more subdued and structured line-up - and even structured with a pop of color! Cobalt blue is quite possibly one of my fav bright hues to have fun with a muted outfit. It's so easy and def commands attention. Blue is also a hue that looks great next to any other color (colorblocking, anyone?).

Everything under Katherine's name is certain to be high quality, and not on the arm of every other gal (zzzzz...). Love that uniqueness and chicness about the brand. Now which style to choose is the hardest decision...!!  

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