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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Molly Mesnick's (Chic) Baby Bliss

The Bachelor's Molly Mesnick chats about her baby shower and maternity clothes
Ok, all you fans of The Bachelor. I know you watched as Molly captured Jason's heart on season 13, right? I was a huge fan of Molly's from Day 1 - in fact, sometimes I would watch just see which earrings she would wear. This girl has always had a flair for style, and now the mama-to-be is dressing up her baby bump...squeal! She stopped by I Heart Heels to tell us all of her secrets to staying stylish throughout pregnancy (and psst...she still wears heels!).

I Heart Heels: First of all, congrats! I know this is so exciting for you. Tell me what you're currently doing right now to prepare for baby!
Molly Mesnick: What AREN'T we doing to prepare for baby is the better question! Now that the holidays have passed, we're in full baby mode at the Mesnick house. We're wrapping up nursery preparations, getting all of the baby gear put together, organizing the rest of the house, and I'm sanitizing and cleaning everything! It's amazing how your mindset of what a "clean" house is once you've got a baby on the way.  If there is even a speck of dust somewhere, I start scrubbing everything!

"I haven't changed my "shoe habits" too much since being pregnant. I still wear sky-high heels on a night out, but during the day, I stick with ballet flats and boots," -- Molly Mesnick, The Bachelor, season 13
IHH: I heard you're a fan of Shop It To Me and even found your Tibi shower dress (pictured above) on the site. I'm a Shop It To Me Trendsetter (blogger), and love it as well! What are some of the ways you like to dress since you've been pregnant?
I love, love, love using Shop It To Me when I'm in need of a fabulous outfit! It just makes the idea of online shopping so much less daunting. Many pregnant women out there might hate me for saying this, but I haven't purchased a single maternity item since I've been pregnant, rather I've been wearing regular clothes in a size or two larger than normal. Luckily, flowy chiffon tops are everywhere right now, so that has made shopping a lot easier! I just didn't feel that I needed to sacrifice fashion just because I have this new baby bump.

IHH: I love how you have your own blog, Reality Through My Eyes. Do you plan to keep this updated once baby arrives?
I love writing for my blog, but life has been beyond chaotic lately that I haven't been able to devote a ton of time to it. It's been such a great way to connect with my followers, so I absolutely plan to keep it up, as I find the time, when baby comes! My website will be a great way for me to talk about what I'm going through as a new mom and share some mommy secrets, but also maintain who I was before baby. I don't want the site to turn into a "mommy blog", but I'll find a good balance
between those topics as well as keep up the fashion and lifestyle posts.

IHH: I myself know that with pregnancy comes different shoe choices. What kinds of shoes are you wearing now?
MM: I haven't changed my "shoe habits" too much since being pregnant. I still wear sky-high heels on a night out, but during the day, I stick with ballet flats and boots. I've been lucky that I haven't experienced any swelling in my feet and ankles...yet (knock on wood)!

IHH: What maternity items are musts for you?
Leggings have been my savior! It's the #1 reason why I've been able to get away without purchasing maternity clothes. I throw on some leggings with a long, chiffon top and I look nearly the same as I did before baby! I [also] couldn't live without my body pillow. There is definitely a level of discomfort when I lay down, but having this huge pillow has made sleeping a lot more comfortable and relaxing. I love it so much, I'll surely use it even after baby! Everyone should have one.

IHH: Any fashion advice for expecting mamas out there?
The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to sacrifice fashion just becuase you rock a baby bump...and you don't have to spend a fortune either. I still walk into H&M and can find some really forgiving, flowy tops that I just buy in a larger size. Again, leggings are a life saver. The baby bump is also a really cool thing to rock these days. No need to hide it, so throw on a tight top and show it off to the world!

IHH: What's one way you like to pamper yourself?
Pregnant or not, a good pedicure is always relaxing! Now that I do have this huge bump in the way, it's pretty darn difficult to paint my own toes, so I've been trying to get some "me time" in every few weeks with a relaxing pedicure. You won't regret taking the time for yourself - and giving those achy feet some TLC.

[Photo Courtesy Molly Mesnick]

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