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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Green for Spring

It's hard to believe a pair of "green jeans" could be a wardrobe essential, but they are. Trust. Every, single time I wear my green jeans, I get compliments. They're just so cheery and green is so on trend for this year! I've been dyyyyying to try out C. Wonder - haven't you heard a lot of buzz about it? When they sent me images of some of their "green things" for spring, I was completely flipping out. AdorABLE. The length on these jeans looks perfect - what a great pop of color, that's also still very flattering. 

C. Wonder has has amazing accessories. And what I love about this brand is they sell very high-quality pieces that look like they cost a ton, but they really don't. We're talking a bracelet for under $50 here. This cute little purse is a great way to incorporate green into your nighttime step and repeat, huh? And the bangle below is one of my absolute favs. It could stand alone on that cute little wrist of yours and still look fab.

Everyone needs a great cardigan, especially for the bipolar weather of spring. I live in cardigans during this season. This seafoam shade of green is a gorgeous alternative for those of you who can't do something so bold as the brighter jeans. (I'm hoping I can wear seafoam, but will def have to try it on...my fingers are crossed with this tempermental hair color of mine!)

While we don't have a C. Wonder store near where I live, I'm currently surfing the Web (um, with my credit card out) to see what all I can scoop up for spring. It all looks so refreshing!!

 [Photos Courtesy C. Wonder]

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