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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How I Wore My Heels: Sick Day

I got soooo excited about spring! And then...it got cold again. And then...I got crazy sick all weekend. Like, whoa. So then...two things happened. One? I put on this super-duper comfy like no other unicorn (!) tee I just got in the mail from Skip N' Whistle (it's made by American Apparel, so that explains things). It's totally bringing back all of the My Little Pony memories in my head. And while I admit gray is not necessarily "my hue," I can't stand taking off this tee because it's so soft. There, I said it. (Honestly, this weekend I felt worse than I've felt in a loooong time...with temps inching towards 103. Until this photo, there were no heels, no flats...no leaving bed.)

The second thing that happened was once I starting feeling semi-human again, I immediately reached for my new Tsubo heels...aren't they delightful with the blue strap? Tsubo continues to bring the quirky-cute A-game each season, and this spring they have some pretty amazing styles (both heels and flats) to choose from. I don't rave about the comfort on every heel I own, but these must be raved about because they're def feel-good shoes, folks. They have a memory foam footbead (squeal!), and the straps don't even irritate because they're velcro! What's crazy is I took off a pair of flats I had been wearing and when I slipped into these, I couldn't believe the comfort difference. Some of us are just born in heels, perhaps? Now here's hoping I'm on the mend...

Here's how I wore my heels:
- Unicorn tee gifted by Skip N' Whistle (lightweight and soooooft; I plan to wear this into the spring/summer with cutoffs!)
- Skinny jeans by Rock & Republic from Kohl's
- Pearl necklace from local shop, Tulips
- Metallic travel bag by Stephanie Johnson (this is an inexpensive line I discovered from one of the LuckyFABB conferences...you can use them soooo many ways!)
- "Anara" t-strap heels gifted by Tsubo (kinda retro, and so much fun...the stacked heel means I'll wear them for life.)

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  1. Love this! I have a SnW scarf and you're right-- soo incredibly soft. Love how the heels dress up this comfy look!


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