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Monday, March 25, 2013

Luxury Footwear Designer, Alejandra G

Shoe designer Alejandra G chats about high heels and the shoe business
If you're wanting to grab some attention with those shoes of yours, look no further than Alejandra G. Exotic prints, eye-catching colors and truly creative works of art, Alejandra G is dressing the feet of celebs like Taryn Manning, Tamara Mowry and Carly Rae Jepsen. And now you can buy the Tyrese Jawbreaker on Shopbop.com! (err, when they restock, that is...this shoe sold out FAST) I Heart Heels caught up with the designer to really find out the inspiration behind these completely fascinating designs...enjoy!
I Heart Heels: Your designs are described as daring - and very artistic. Where do you get your inspiration?
Alejandra G: I'm inspired by so many things. From European runways to colors I see walking or driving down a street. My mood also sets the tone for my collection - and the music I'm listening to at the time. I just feel like I have a canvas and I'm creating art. It's a gift.

"I love when someone tells me they love my shoes or that I inspire them to chase their dreams. It's the most amazing feeling." -- Alejandra G, shoe designer
IHH: How did you find your way to the shoe business?
AG: I've always been into fashion, but I had a dream about shoes. Crazy as that sounds, it's very true. The shoes in my dream were so vivid I felt this wasn't a regular dream, but a calling. I sketched shoes the same day and then made calls. God blessed me with a huge magnate in the shoe industry, my mentor Joe Ouaknine. It started from that point two years ago.

IHH: What is it you like most about designing high heels?
AG: I love to see them on people. I love when someone tells me they love my shoes or that I inspire them to chase their dreams. It's the most amazing feeling.

IHH: What would you say to a more conservative fashionista afraid to wear a bold shoe?
AG: I would say every now and then a woman should try something new in her wardrobe. You can still be conservative and have a fabulous bold shoe and bag. I'm wearing a white blouse and jeans today with my Yesi pink heels and a neon green purse. I'm still conservative with a splash of color to create a fabulous outfit. Colors bring life to an outfit and just make me feel happy.

IHH: A lot of celebrities wear your heels. Who would you love to see wearing them one day?
AG: My fans. Women who love my shoes. Those are the most important people to me. Of course I would love every celebrity to wear my shoes! I don't have favorites, but I'm a huge fan of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

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