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Friday, March 22, 2013

Stylist Cristina Ehrlich's Spring Fashion Picks from Coldwater Creek

Happy Friday! I'm soooo excited because super-stylist Cristina Ehrlich (think Penelope Cruz...Amy Adams...hello!) has teamed up with Coldwater Creek with spring/summer to offer expert tips, product picks and styling insight through the month of May. I was lucky enough to steal Cristina's super-busy time for just a second to ask her my burning style questions. And, might I mention, I'm now in deep love with Coldwater Creek? 

I Heart Heels: What are the easiest ways for someone who is timid about trying new trends to branch out and try something a little trendier?
Cristina Ehrlich: 
I think you have to be open and patient with yourself. If you go to a store like Coldwater Creek that has such an assortment of options, bring a girlfriend with you or find a saleswoman that you connect with that will be an honest mirror for you.

IHH: What are some questions you might ask a client when styling them for the first time?
I ask them what body parts they feel most confident about and what they feel more insecure about. I ask what their normal go-to silhouettes are that they may choose out of habit - and do they look at the act of getting dressed in the morning as a chore or with enthusiasm. I usually also ask whose style they really admire.

IHH: What's your favorite look from your Coldwater Creek spring picks? 
I love the Fashion Forward look where I paired the Wild Side Dolman Top, the Knit Denim Slim Leg Jeans with the Ebony Links Necklace.

IHH: What's one accessory that takes little time and thought to incorporate but can instantly transform?

CE: A statement necklace can instantly transform any look and instantly dress up even a t-shirt. I love the Jeweled Nautilus necklace and the Willow Fringe necklace from Coldwater Creek.

IHH: Do you think everyone can wear bold and bright prints?
I think bold and bright prints work on a lot of people. It's about choosing whether to wear it on top or on bottom. Be sure to pair the printed piece with a really classic, solid color.

[Photos via Coldwater Creek]

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