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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: "The" Maternity Tank

If I'm ever pregnant again, just wrap me up in a cardigan like this with the Isabella Oliver Ruched Maternity Tank Top and I'm good. to. go. I mean, really, an outfit like this has to be the most comfy, yet most flattering get-up an expectant mama can throw on. It's so chic, too, at the same time. 

So many celebs have this multipurpose tank top ($59), it's a closet staple. Might I also add, there's an "everyday" blazer celebs absolutely flock to when layering with dresses and such...it seems like a complete lifesaver as well. Never fear, I have no need for this attire (although after today's lunch it felt that way), but I do respect a mama who knows how to dress her bump! It looks so easy, but it's sooooo not, folks. I think I would trust Isabella Oliver more than anyone to get the job done right. But a fedora to top things off doesn't hurt one, chic bit.

P.S. Another pregnancy dressing mantra of mine? When you feel good, you look good. It's so important to be comfy, and this outfit is a perfect example of balancing chic and comfort.

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