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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Me in a Tree

Can't believe it's just now Whiny Wednesday! Certainly seemed like it was yesterday here. :) Today I'm here to share with you a new online program I've discovered called Me in a Tree. I'm pretty excited about it! (Rest assured, I spent I way too much time perfecting my avatar look below...you like?)

Anyone can try out this family-oriented interactive (life managing!) site for free - for two weeks! And that's the perfect amount of time to realize you might wanna sign up for the year for just $5.99. You login, create avatars for the whole family and it's so simple. You let the fun begin! There are so many resources in this puppy to help build a better (closer knit!) family, I love it. Hey, we're all going to be online these days, so let's do it together.

You can create a Family Huddle (even schedule them) to support open communication, and there's a bright and cheery, handy, dandy calendar where everyone can write in their assigned duties. Granted, my little C. is a tad bit too young for this, I don't see a problem with our family starting to use this between just D. and me at first, until little C. gets around kindergarten age. As much as he likes to help clean the house with me, he's going to love filling in his chores on here - and being recognized (his fav thing).  There's even a spot to journal and fill in some of your fav things about your family - it's the Pledge Stone. 

Overall, this tool is amazing for improving family relationships, for those of us (that's all of us) who are too busy to stop and build a better life together. Try it out and see how you can challenge your family this week. Oh, and don't have too much fun choosing which shirt to wear in your avatar (totally guilty).

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Me in a Tree, but the opinions are all my own, obvi. I truly like this site! ;)

[Photos via Me in a Tree]

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