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Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Get Beach Waves

Ahhhh....the beach. It's my fav place in the entire world (although it's a close tie with New York City...shhhhh...). Once I'm at the beach, there's no other place I'd rather be. After I leave the beach, I immediately start planning my next trip back...that's when you know you love something. I leave for the beach this year in less than a month and I'm def on a countdown now. Beach waves, here I come! No, really...we're talking about water and hair. ;)

Lucky for me, I have a natural wave to my hair. (Although I didn't discover this until after I had a baby and had no time to straighten it completely every day.) The number one tip I can give you us is to embrace the hair texture you were given! I don't use a lot of product in my hair (not even hair spray!), but one thing I never go without in my wavy hair, especially in the summer, is some type of gel or spray to enhance my waves. I believe in the power of these things!

I've recently come across two that I love (lucky me, right? two at once!), and I'm excited to share:

1. got2b beach trippin' waving spray 
This is what I'm currently using. When my mom commented last week on how my hair hadn't looked that great in awhile, I was both embarrassed and grateful. My new spray was doing the trick! It didn't don on me until later, but yes, this spray gives my waves life. It's way cheap at about $6 and it's completely weightless. Trust me, if I can actually feel a product in my hair, it's bye bye like that. Apparently it's got actual salt solution in it, which is cool. Kudos to this brand for always being a hit...it just doesn't get enough credit. P.S. The dry shampoo is in my all-time top 3, and I've used many, many, many...
After using Ouidad...

2. Ouidad Playcurl Volumizing Styling Spray 
I used this for several weeks before rotating to the other. It's pretty amazing as well! Ouidad def knows their curl stuff - that's who they are, after all. This formula adds a little pep to my tresses, leaving them feeling all nice and wavy - not sticky and crunchy. It's simple. You spray it; you get accentuated waves (or curls, if you have them!). At $22, it's much pricier than the product above, but there's a ton of it in the bottle and it's well worth it. Quite possibly more for curly girls who really need that oomph, than those with plain ol' waves...

And before you go, here's how I get my waves (other than just having them):
1. Shower at night with shampoo; conditioner on the ends. (my scalp is very oily)
2. Towel dry. (with so much hair, it's a necessity)
3. Spray throughout hair and ends with whichever product. 
4. Use the warm setting on blowdryer to quickly dry bangs.
5. Use the warm setting to also dry the dripping ends of my hair.
6. Use the cool setting to go over my hair/waves a few times. 
7. Let air-dry in bed overnight.
8. In the morning, lightly comb waves (but not too much)
9. You can also use more of the spray throughout the day to give it another boost and voila!

BEACH WAVES...squeal!!!!
[Photos via Ouidad/Wal-Mart.com]

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