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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pastel Perfection from Erin Fetherston

Eek, to have a closet full of Erin Fetherston! Every girl's dream, right? Just as we pull our peep-toes out of hiding, it's also time to shed the dark hues and lighten things up a bit. If pastels aren't for you, well, I've found a few pretty, pretty lil' numbers to help change your mind from ERIN by Erin Fetherston. Wardrobe update? Check.

Girlies, prepare to indulge the eyes...these frocks rock! With pops of pink, sunny yellows and chic creams, this spring collection provides feminine and romantic silhouettes to make you squeal in those heels. The peplum below is by far my fav and a complete knockout. Despite what you might think, yes, you can wear peplum. This one is actually pretty subdued and would enhance a petite figure or play up one with curves. But if you really do love the typical spring dress, the strapless beauty above is just right. It says sweetheart all over it, and you could always pair it with something on the shoulders or belt it!

The sparkly yellow sheath isn't for the faint at heart, but neither are those killer heels you're wearing right now either, no?  

Vow with me you'll buy at least one pretty dress this season? We can't let jeans completely take over our girly closets...


[Photos Courtesy Erin Fetherston]

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