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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Gisele Steps Out in Notify Denim

Aww, I just love Whiny Wednesdays, don't you? Let's all just swoon together. I mean precious babies...baby fever, anyone?? Ok, maybe not. But, let's talk about how fabulous Gisele Bundchen looked recently in her Notify denim. Mmhmm. Not that she needs any help, but post-baby, I think it's always a good idea to steer towards the bootcut style, just because the skinnies are much less forgiving. This is the Anemone Bootcut from the spring/summer collection, an the dark, dark wash is so fantastic!

I've worn so many pairs of skinnies lately, this photo makes me wanna head straight to my closet and pull out the bootcut so I can quite possibly breathe again. Without turning back. Gasp! No, I do love my skinnies, but there's something about a fresh pair of bootcut jeans that looks so charming and real. I mean, I feel like Gisele and I could be BFFs right now. And her lil' baby? SWOON. Ok, I'm gonna move on now...

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