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Monday, April 22, 2013

Win Mother's Day Fine Chocolates

It's the start of another week already! Weekends are so short, right? I can tell you I get a lot of packages at my house for I Heart Heels. There's generally a lot of online tracking, front porch stalking and listening for the squeaky brakes of the delivery truck around here (and you think I'm kidding). Hey, when shoes are involved, ya don't mess. And when I see those magic words on my tracking "out for delivery," squeals are heard from miles away. Now...can you imagine the squeals over this box? Yes, goodies from Epiphany Chocolates. Mmmmm...I think it's pretty clear what happened next. 

Yes, between D. and I, we devoured the entire box (all 18 pieces!) in less than a week. (Our love of sweets is one thing that always brings us together.) We were sent the new Pretty in Paisley Mother's Day box (and the chocs are def pretty), but I'm so nice, I shared. Wink. Not only was I in awe of the gorgeous chocolates, but I'm still reeling over the adorable names: Party Girl (cake batter fudge); Queen B (butter toffee fudge) and Grande Diva (dark chocolate fudge). Side note: I believe one of the other packages has one named Cocoa Chanel and I can't stop smiling at that...ador-able. 

In life, there are just some flavors we don't like. Those cheap boxes of candy? I throw away half of them because the flavors are so icky! This box was delightful all the way through...I was never scared to sample any of these little darlings because every, single one was incredible (although the dark chocolate was in a class allll it's own.). It's pretty amazing to me how they can make so many unique flavors! 

The box usually retails for $39.99, but today I'm giving away a box just for you (err, or your mother)! I mean, it really is the perfect gift for your mama... maybe she'll share? ;)
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P.S. Get 25 percent off site wide through May 12 when you enter the promo code MOM25 at checkout.


  1. I totally do the same thing with deliveries from online shopping! These chocolates look insanely delicious! I can imagine they taste even better than they look.


  2. Oh and as far as sharing or keeping, I'd definitely share, maybe not as a gift but sharing with my whole household!

  3. I am a mother and sorry to say I would totally keep these, but I would most likely share with my own 2 daughters

  4. I'd give them to my mom - she loves chocolate (who doesn't?!)

  5. Since both my mom & dear MIL have passed away, I'd share them w/my Daughter & wonderful DIL! Thanks for the chance, Happy Mother's Day all ;-)

  6. I would share with Mom. She would tell me she
    couldn't eat more than one piece and I would say, "Ok Mom, gee I guess I will HAVE to eat the rest.:) But then I would share with my daughters. They love chocolate too!

  7. You caught me!  I'd keep them for myself for sure!  :)


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