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Friday, May 31, 2013

blogger + heels = Sparkling Footsteps

Happy Friday! In lieu of a regular blog post, since I'm at the beach today (it's rough, I know), I wanted to post this month's blogger feature. I love me some Sparkling Footsteps...and guess what? She just found out she's having a girl! Cue the chic shoe-loving applause. Lynzy, who hails from the Northeast, is a fellow Lucky Style Collective member and fellow Vogue Influencer, and I just love her style. Especially her pregnancy style! I mean, check out those ShoeMint heels

I first met Lynzy when I sat next to her at LuckyFABB one September long ago (well, it seems) and ogled at her amazing heels. So funny, right? Of course, it would turn it out we both own shoe blogs! I love Sparkling Footsteps because it's real girl style just like I love to post here - ya know, stuff you'd actually wear. It's no frills, give it to you straight and it combines a lot of style with beauty and fitness (she's an avid runner!).

If you haven't checked it out already, go there now. You'll love following along as Lynzy posts her cute lil' pregnancy updates. She's gonna have one chic baby, that's for sure. ;)

[Photo Courtesy Sparkling Footsteps]

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