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Monday, May 13, 2013

Go Green with Aveeno

Happy post-Mother's Day, since I didn't have a chance to write anything to you all yesterday. Whether you celebrated or not, I hope you had a fabulous day and weekend! I know little C. and D. pampered me every bit of it (I had the best meal at P.F. Changs!)...and I plan on using my present (ahem, a pedi) to continue the pampering into the week. No shame, no shame. Bonus: If you follow me on Instagram (@iheartheels), you can see what little C. made me...swoon.

Now back to beauty. I like to post on the latest beauty products I've been testing on Mondays, if you haven't noticed - gives me time to finish the last bit of testing over the weekend. I've yet to dub it a silly name like Makeup Monday or Makeover Monday because, well, I don't wanna take it that far (I mean, Whiny Wednesday is quite enough, ya think?). 

Over the past month, I've been trying out the new Aveeno Pure Rewewal collection. You know I'm quite the "hippie" when it comes to beauty, right? And you know one of the hardest "natural" products to get right is haircare. I actually have a love/hate relationship it! Can I admit there are tons of good-for-you products I loathe to use on my hair? Hey, they may be good for you, but they make your hair look dreadful...they just don't get it clean. The Aveeno line is one of THE only ones I can literally and honestly say to you - try it! And, believe me, this makes me squeal...it's makes me happy. Because I want them to work, they just don't always (ok, rarely do).

The Aveeno shampoo/conditioner and dry shampoo (can I get an amen?) all work amazingly well. The shampoo lathers, folks. They all have a wonderful scent and, best of all, they leave my hair feeling and looking clean (I usually use the dry shampoo every other day). That's our goal, no? Take it from the press release:

"This collection is formulated with sulfate-free cleansers and without the use of parabens or synthetic dyes. The products offer a simple, non-abrasive cleansing routine with the benefit of better foaming and feel than other sulfate-free hair care formulas."

True that.  One of my fav celebrity hairstylists Patrick Melville helped develop these and if you're wondering what the "fragrance" ingredient is in the dry shampoo? Patrick let me know "it's a custom fragrance, scientifically formulated by Aveeno, and derived from the Active Naturals® Balancing Seaweed Extract." I really do love the scent, just make sure you spray it in an open room because it does become quite powerful! 

The best part about Aveeno is you can buy it at your local Target, etc. and it's only around $7-8 an item. Not bad for being eco-friendly, eh?
[Photo via Aveeno]

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