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Monday, May 13, 2013

Trend Alert! Cute Cutoffs

I must confess I have a cutoff obsession as of late. Not good when you're pale and still have a few Pilates classes to go to get those legs where they need to be, folks. But I can't help myself...there are just so many cute, cute, cute styles out there now! This weekend I wore nothing but cutoffs around the house since it's finally feeling all sunny and warm down south...hooray! I halfway feel 17 again, and that's ok. I'm sorta reclaiming my youth one pair of cutoffs at a time. And Siwy, in particular, has got me in a tizzy!

Besides colored and printed denim shorts, they have about a million styles of regular denim that I'm absolutely fawning over. I used to ponder spending so much on shorts...I mean, huh? But, you know what...I probably wear shorts just as much during warm weather as I do my jeans when it's cooler. So why not? I guarantee you it will be a cutoffs summer, and I'll be rocking these bad boys all during my upcoming beach vacay (in a matter of WEEKS, folks!). Strappy sandals, sure. But, I can't wait to put on my wedge sneakers with them as well. Herrrrrrre I come! Oh, and can I mention I have ab envy here as well?

P.S. Don't be afraid to wear short shorts; I'm serious. Obvi you should use caution as with all fashion trends, but I've found with my slightly larger thighs that shorter shorts are actually more flattering to my legs. So, something to consider while trying on cutoffs this summer...

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