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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Cutest Snacktime Ever

Meal time gets more and more interesting at our house every day. In fact, last night I cooked chocolate-chip pancakes and little C. walked around the table and around the kitchen eating them like a piece of pizza in his hand while I frantically tossed the remainder of the batter onto the stove for myself...and then for D. when he arrived home shortly thereafter. Ah, life with an on-the-move toddler. It's good, don't get me wrong...I love it! But, it's very fast paced, ya know?

This week was little C's last day in his Mother's Day Out class he's been in all year (insert tears for many reasons), and when he begins his summer MDO, he'll be eating lunch there. So...I found this "Trunk" snack box by Boon the perfect thing to use for his lunch this summer. Actually, since Boon sent it over, we've been using it for on-the-go snacks as well since it's now playground season and we're usually dragging our snacks around with us!

Of course, I love all of the compartments (bread, meat, fruit...milk box...done!), but the tail handle is extra special because that means he can carry it himself. Responsibility, eh? Boon is one of my fav brands of all time (we should own stock) because it's safe/free of chemicals and so, so cute. For $17.99, who can resist going on a safari for lunch every day?

[Photo via Boon]

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