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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Easy Eating

When little C. was actually baby C. (remember that?!), I used the Bumbo seat all the time to get the little guy used to sitting up on his own...not to mention to give me a free hand or two. Sigh. (I used to blog with one hand...such talent.) So now Bumbo has brilliantly come up with a new booster seat ($39.99) for the dining room table (and we were lucky enough to be sent one to try out). It's made of the same low-density foam construction just like the popular floor seat - and comes in this amazing lime green!

 Although we have a high chair that was supposed to act as his seat and grow with him until he was old (yada, yada), he still considers said high chair to be a high chair. Which means, it's for babies and he's "not a baby." I mean, duh mom. So this booster seat actually works out great because it serves the purpose we need of reaching the table at mealtime, yet it doesn't make little C. feel like he's still in his baby phase of using a high chair. 

And what's more is it's really easy to use. There are a couple of straps that snap under the chair, and then a three-point harness to snap the little guy in the seat. It's easy to clean...and how do I know? Let's just say we took that aspect of the review for a test drive as well. little C. thought the seat was for drawing...silly guy! Now that it's clean (hand sanitizer does wonders) we love to use this seat because it's just so much more comfy than him kneeling on his knees (which he does otherwise); the indentions in the seat for his little legs are perfect. 

If I can just keep my little busy body from taking off the seat and putting it back on (he seriously tries this every other meal), we'll be good to go. Maybe Bumbo can start making a lock for these things? ;) 

P.S. You can easily buy them at Target! 

[Photo via Keen Distribution]

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