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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: My "little C." Cuff

I dare say my mouth dropped (wide) open when this fancy personalized cuff arrived in the mail for me last week from Rustic Cuff...I mean, what?! How nice. Somehow I caught wind of a cuff Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore on The View one morning...yes, this very same style above...with her kids' names on them. How sweet, I thought. And since little C. was born 3-and-a-half magical years ago, I haven't owned but one necklace (with a scrawny "c" on it) in celebration of the little guy! I mean, I don't wanna be that mom, but c'mon. You have to have at least own one precious item referencing your kid...it's such a nice touch.

Rustic Cuff has soooo many options in a cuff - and I simply LOVE a great cuff! It really is my fav piece of jewelry to wear...so easy and chic all at once. Besides the words (obvi), I love the style of this cuff. It's "metallic gold stingray" (you can also get silver) and I believe mine is the 1.5 inch style (you have four options in size!). I absolutely can't wait to wear it for Mother's Day...isn't it just the greatest present ever? I love wearing it with black right now because it's so striking, but it really and truly goes with everything. He's getting bigger, but he'll always be my "little C." Tears.

P.S. If you wanna customize your own (they retail around $100), just email orders@rusticcuff.com and they are so nice and helpful! But, if you don't wanna wait...there are so many amazing styles on the site right now. Hurry, hurry, mamas!

[Photo Courtesy Rustic Cuff]


  1. This is darling!! I must admit, I have an array of M's in honor of my little guy!! I just can't get enough and I think I need one more piece, don't you?

  2. I love it! I lost my necklace that had my kids silhouettes with their first initials on each and I wore it every single day! I keep hinting (telling) my husband to get me another one made each time my birthday, mother's day, Christmas, or Valentines, but he just doesn't seem to get how much I miss it. Guess I just need to just tell him how much it means to me :)


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