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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Rebecca Minkoff Baby Bag's a Bundle of Joy

Girlfriends. All hail the Rebecca Minkoff baby bag. This is no joke. She's made them before, and she's doing it again with the Marissa Baby Bag - what a bundle of joy! Are you just looking at her and in awe? I am, and I don't even have a baby (is it wrong I'd carry this like it ain't no thang?). 

It's nylon (no wretched clean-up!); it's quilted (chic handbag heaven!); it's also functional. I mean, hello dream bag. (It's also $395...cough, cough...but she's just too lovely to worry about the pricetag, right? wink.) The interior is, of course, water resistant and includes a changing pad, plus lots of space for the junk we all carry around. (You know that heels to flats...flats to heels maneuver, right?)

It's got the infamous RM studs, a nice, long strap and all the style you could ever hope for in a diaper bag. And certainly your husband wouldn't mind one bit sharing this beauty.

If I decide I'm not just "one and done," this right here is my baby bag, folks. Done...decided. Oh. You mean I should decide on the kid before the baby bag?

[Photo Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff]

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  1. Why decide on the kid before the bag? Get the bag and maybe have the baby later! I do that with shoes all the time! "I have nothing to wear them with!" Guess I'll just have to buy an outfit too!


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