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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pippa Middleton's Dainty ASH Wedges

Fashion darlings, apparently ASH Footwear is not just about those silly, silly sneaker wedges (I just happen to completely adore to pieces), but offer some crazy chic "traditional" shoes for you girls who like your wedge in the non-athletic form. Obvi Pippa Middleton does as she recently stepped out in the Ash Jade wedge, arriving at Wimbledon. 

The wedges are a nice muted suede, so they def elongate the legs, making the entire outfit look that much more sleek and chic. And I love the idea of matching your clutch, call me old-fashioned. Pippa's got a lot going on lately, so I'm for certain this is just the beginning of her public shoe game and we shall see lots more goodies coming from her direction. These dainty wedges suit her very well, dontcha think? Not to mention, they're a goes-with-anything-around-the-clock type of wedge. Take great care of these Pips, we wanna see them again and again!

P.S. Don't you also appreciate the subtlety of her outfit? Cornflower blue and nude...that's it. No need for gigantic flowers on her hips or metallic studs everywhere. Such a class act, indeed.

UPDATE: It's the Sandro Vivienne jacket and RAPPROCHEMENT dress. Gorge, right?

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  1. We just did a story on KATE Middleton's style - but clearly Pippa is trendy too! www.StingyStyle.net


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