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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Lowdown on My 6 Fav Sunscreens

I really can't get enough of this sunscreen line!
Happy Monday, sweet thangs! Jules reporting here. As promised I took a beach vacay, and tested out my six fav sunscreens. So now I'm here to follow-up (hey, I always keep my word!) and let you know they all stood up to the hot, Florida heat. I've continued to use them as we swim in our backyard pool as well and each one of them has their quirks. Let's talk!

Supergoop! SPF 50 Antioxidant-infused Sunscreen Day Cream ($37)
This was the most expensive sunscreen we tested, but guess what? For my fair-skinned strawberry blonde little guy, it was my absolute fav. Maybe, too, because at 50, it also has the highest SPF we tested. Hey, you can't be too safe when it comes to sun, right? Like the name, it is super-goopy, so I like the formula for little C. much more than myself (I'm already white enough as it is...groan). Now if only I had an endless supply of this magic stuff! (He never really appeared red at all after using this one.)

MDSolarSciences Mineral Tinted Creme SPF 30 Broad Spectrum ($32)
I didn't realize after I had used this on little C. that it said "tinted." Huge LOL here. At first, he mirrored an Oompa Loompa, but after blending all was right again. This one is perfect for girls like me who shudder at their makeup coming all the way off at the beach. With this formula, you can wear sunscreen and makeup all at once, and I think that's brill. Prob not for the kiddos though. Haha. 

MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40 Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB with SolSci-X™ ($19)
Holy WOW! Can I buy a lifetime supply of this stuff? I have to say, every day I would carry a lotion in my beach bag, but I never left this spray out. Why? Because it's not only great alone, it's the perfect (easy!) "supplement" for when your original sunscreen starts to fade. I used it on both little C. and myself because the SPF 40 is great. On the last day I finally ran out, and my heart sorta sunk. I can't recommend this spray enough! (It doesn't even have a nasty scent...gasp!)

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 ($15)
While I love to use this one in our backyard pool, I was slightly timid to use SPF 35 on little C. on the blazing hot beach, so I didn't. At home, however, this is a great formula that works very well. It's got a goopier consistency (which makes me feel like it's really providing that coverage...because it is), so I save this one for little C. rather than myself. 

Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 ($11.99)
This is by far my "adult" fav (other than the spray above). It's the cheapest, very easy to find (hello, Target) and it provides tons of coverage, but it's not so goopy like the others (sorry, for the goopy word repetition, but it is what it is). Not to mention, the SPF 30 will do just fine. And I swear I can feel the calming of the cucumbers on my skin as I apply it. So good. 

Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 40 ($28)
First of all, it's important to read when something's for the "face," versus all over the body. Just letting you know because I've made this mistake in the past, and let's just say they're meant for the face only for a reason. I used this one quite a bit on little C. at the beach because of the SPF 40, but I didn't find the need to reapply a bit more than the others (namely, Supergoop) because of the thinner consistency. This one's still thicker than your average sunscreen and has great ingredients. 

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water (10.1 oz. can: $16.99)
And, yes, I used this water religiously at the beach - and still do outside at our pool. Everyone makes fun of me (ahem, my husband), but I don't care. I'm addicted and not ashamed. The mist feels so good in the heat! 

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