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Friday, July 19, 2013

Disappointed in ULTA

As a consumer, I love to scour out new things. Of course, I have my devoted, beloved brands and stores I visit time and time again, but I love to sprinkle in visits to "test the waters" of places I've been. As a blogger, I think this comes naturally. After all, I'm pitched and sent new products day after day of which some I LOVE, and some that are just meh. In which case I don't usually write about on the blog because who wants to read a bunch of negativity. Unfortch this time I had to break my silence on ULTA. 

After being a beloved Sephora shopper for eternity, I was actually willing to give competitor ULTA down the road a try. While my initial visit wasn't the grandest (not one person spoke to me in the store...very opposite of the Sephora I'm used to), I ohhhhed and ahhhhed over the plethora of great products. I was like a kid in a (huge! very nicely organized!) candy store. I instagramed it and vowed I would return. I do think it's pretty awesome you can get your fav fragrance, lip gloss and face wipes all in one spot.

This leads me to a couple of weeks ago when one of the public relations agencies I work with sent me an exciting press release about the upcoming Frizz-Free Fridays at ULTA every remaining Friday in July. As a girl who looooves her blowouts - and these were being offered for free - I started squealing! I vowed I would talk up the promo both before and after - so you could see my hair, natch. I called my local ULTA the very next day to get an appointment and this is where it gets ugly. I spoke with a couple of different people (not just one) who knew hardly anything about the promo. One second...let me check...ok...I'll be right back...are you still there? Yes, I was, but losing patience. The last person I spoke to looked at the scheduling book and didn't seem to understand it. First, she offered me an appointment at 1:00. Huh? The free appointments are from 6-8 p.m. only. Oh yes, you're right, she answers me. (So at this point, I know more than the store.) She then proceeds to tell me she's not sure what's going on with the schedule because those times are blocked off and she's not sure exactly what's available. She then took my name and number and would have someone call me back. 

Wait. What? Call me back? A week rolled by and I had heard nothing, so I did the ol' follow-up and like, oh my gosh, they were completely full (twirling my hair with a valley girl voice). Nothing for either week, and they were sorry, of course, but wanted me to "have a great weekend." I  mean, seriously?! You. Don't. Do. That. To. A. Customer. 

I'm pretty freaking annoyed, but obviously my life is most certainly not going to end over the lack of a blowout...so petty, indeed. But the point here is that ULTA made the mistake of not serving their customer THREE different times. They could've known what was going on when I called, first of all. But since they didn't, they could've returned my call with an appointment. And since they didn't do that, when I called upset, they could've made amends somehow, some way. 

I'm afraid my schedule's all booked for ULTA these days. Get me back to my superstar hairstylist any day. Hair flip.

P.S. When I tweeted ULTA, I was given a generic email address to send any info to discuss, which is also lame. Gotta love those big, impersonal chains. ;)


  1. That sounds awful! I've never shopped at Ulta but it's kind of a bummer that they don't make any effort with their customer service :(

  2. I can't stand ulta for their lack of customer service. I won't ever step foot into one of their stores again. I'm not surprised at all that this happened to you.


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