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Monday, July 15, 2013

Jet-Set Ready

I can hardly resist a cute cosmetic bag, so this one had me squealing. Designer Rachel Roy (who is hands-down the most beautiful designer I've ever met...and so well spoken!) has teamed up with uber beauty product line, John Frieda Frizz-Ease (which I love). She created the adorable bag above, and it's chock-full of tons of Frizz-Ease travel-size goodies. 

The bag is $38 on RachelRoy.com and you can even choose which version you want: straight or curly! I can go ahead and vouch for this line-up and say it really does work. I have naturally wavy hair (that I occasionally like to straight all the way), and the summertime is notorious for adding frizz. The winter is also a drag though when it comes to flyaways. Frizz-Ease is one of the many products I have on rotate after my shower and before bed (I always let my hair airdry...call me lazy). The consistency of the gel is not too goopy and feels very lightweight in the strands. My hair always has a nice (frizz-free!) wave to it the next day. 

Not to mention, I'm kinda obsessed with the cute pink bow on this bag and would highly consider adding this bag to my counter just to stare at it. I mean, I don't need another cosmetic bag, BUT this one is full of crazy-good products, so...it's sorta a win-win? ;)

[Photo Courtesy John Frieda]

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