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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Major Cool Patterns for Fall

Holy wow, I'm completely into this collaboration between Chinti + Parker and Patternity. Isn't it complete greatness?! The fabulosity of Patternity's patterns combined with the sweet shape of Chinti + Parker's sweaters is gonna have us all swooning for fall. Such elegance and sophistication - such art! Yes? 

The 28-piece collection in black, navy, mint and cream sees Patternity remix Chinti and Parker’s signature stripes and dots across a range of simple tee, dress, sweater and cardigan styles for pieces that strike an artful balance of wearability and cutting-edge vision.  

All hail the pattern! Are you with me? I know, I know that many of you are thinking there's no way you can pull these off...but darlings, listen. Pair them with a muted bottom (pref a pair of sleek, black jeggings) and there's nothing chicer. Except maybe a pair of black library glasses to top it all off. I know I'm ready to explore each and every one of these patterns myself. 

P.S. Prices range from $145-$800. I'm telling this to you now so you can start saving (err, finding your credit card?). 

[Photos Courtesy Chinti + Parker]

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