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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oscar de la Renta, American Icon

And then it happened. A fashion event in my town. Yes, Little Rock, Arkansas. For the first time in my life, I had a New York moment and I wasn't even in New York. Shivers. It felt good. One of the top events of my life, probably. And everything went just as it should...you don't say? I must mention the folks at Oscar de la Renta are now my lifelong heroes because without them none of this could have happened (you know who you are). 

Last night, an intimate group of friends, family and, well, me (ha!) gathered at the Clinton Library to celebrate none other than fashion great Oscar de la Renta. Wow, what an icon! To be in his presence was such a fashion moment I'll never forget. He has such presence...such charm...such charisma. The team at ODLR must love it! His wife was there to cheer him on, and even dear friend Barbara Walters, who wore a stunning pair of red earrings. 

Oscar spoke about his love for the Clinton Family, and especially dressing Hillary and Chelsea. His road was a long one when he merely sketched for Balenciaga and then moved on to Lanvin and slowly worked his way to the top of his iconic empire. I didn't know this, but he is one of the few designers in NY with a sample showroom right at his feet (others have to schlep to and from the Garment District and such). I also didn't know he likes to sing (as Anna Wintour said, "he sings every day!")

When Oscar spoke, everyone listened. And then? I took his photo with Anna Wintour and former President Bill Clinton. (yes, I snagged front row, dears...this was a big deal to me!) Notice Anna's gold heels?
I gasped to myself as the Clinton family sat immediately in front of me. Seriously? Was this happening? But, honestly, they're just good ol' southern folk like the rest of us. :) Chelsea looked amazing in her ODLR frock and nude pumps. I remember the days of seeing her around the local mall! She's really poised and gave a speech with no notes - zomg.
And drumroll, please. Little me approached THE Anna Wintour for a photo. See exhibit A below. She was genuinely nice and said "sure." Me? I was literally shaking! Coming from a journalism background and as a lover of fashion, it's a moment I'll never forget. A photo with her is def way better than ogling her in her sunnies across the runway at fashion week.
 After each of the Clintons spoke, then Anna Wintour and last ODLR, we went to the restaurant downstairs and had some amazing bites to eat (including strawberry macarons). I really wanted to approach Chelsea for a photo, but let her be with her friends. I couldn't, however, resist approaching Bill for a quick handshake and autograph (see last photo). You only live once, right?

 After the party, we walked through the ODLR exhibit going on through the end of the year at the Clinton Library. It was simply gorgeous and I took photos here of my two favs - polka dots and tulle, natch. The end of the exhibit had a line-up of the First Ladies' ensembles and some of the gowns celebs have worn (my fav being the gold strapless Jennifer Garner wore during awards season....stunning!). I've been to several exhibits at the Met (Chanel, Jackie O.), and this was top-of-the-line - I'm proud to say it's in my home state! If you have a chance to come to Little Rock, go see it.
And that's the best shot of me you'll get, folks. Blurry, quick...I'm outta there. I had to run home to tell you all about my night after all! ;) Peace, love, fashion...

P.S. Speaking of ODLR, check out my guest post today on the ODLR kid's blog, George & Ruby. It's all about my vacay and the best spots for kids! xo

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  1. OH my gosh this must have been SO exciting!!! I am so jealous that you got to go! You got some great pictures at the event. And you saw some EXCITING famous people! So so lucky - I'm jealous! Glad you had a fun night. www.StingyStyle.net


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