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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Coach Shoe Video! You're Welcome.

Coach's new shoe collection. OMG, OMG, OMG. They sent me this super-adorable video with the launch, and I just can't stop squealing at the fall footwear. It's beyond...not to mention, makes me wish I was headed straight to New York City next week! Ah! But, alas, the bun in the oven is a-cooking and I'll be back in the city before you can blink. ;) 

This video is called "Flight of Fancy" because it was inspired by the feeling of floating and having a spring in your step - ya know, like when you wear your fav shoes. The chunky heels, the skinny stilettos, the strappy sweethearts - I'll take one of each. Pretty sure I'd feel like floating in any of these!

P.S. Take notice this fall when you pass the Coach store (um, as if you needed me to tell you to, right?). The new window displays will feature origami birds carrying...Coach shoes! So brill. 

[Video Courtesy Coach]

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