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Monday, August 19, 2013

Embrace Your Summer Wedges

Before you get too excited about fall...back to school...cooler weather (here anyway)...football, just remember there's technically still a whole other month left of summer. My thoughts? Embrace the summer wedge while you can! I'm loving the Reyna Agata style from Fortress of Inca

Now this is a shoe that will not go unnoticed! I think this particular shoe would look stunning with a breezy maxi dress a la Rachel Zoe as it feels a little chunky and extreme for skinny jeans. I'd rock them with flares and a cut-out shirt or crop top (well obvi not in my pregnant state, at the moment, but you catch my drift). But to really show off that incredible Peruvian design on the 4.5" wedge, wear it with a black dress. Heads will be sure to turn and your shoes will be without a doubt the talk of the room! The pop of design right in the middle of an otherwise classic shoe is just genius, I say. I'm sorta glad summer's sticking around with us just a little longer if only for these wedges...
[Photos Courtesy Fortress of Inca]

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