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Thursday, August 8, 2013

It Bag Launch: Berry Brown

Come with me for a moment as we live in our own lil' handbag world. One where we live and breathe handbags and think about them all day. Oh, you already do that? Whoops. Ok, well you're def going to want to know about Berry Brown's debut handbag line this fall. Obvi Olivia Palermo's the first celeb to be seen carrying it (this one's the Chelsea North South Tote). Not a bad start for the brand, eh? The girl just resonates chicness.

I feel like the tote bag is making a huge comeback this fall, and I love that. So easy to carry, throw things in, make a statement. It serves all purposes! But it's not the granny-looking tote you're used to from junior high that you see on the back shelves at your local discount stores. It's a sweet, sweet leather tote bag with amazing updates. Like color on the handles! An oblong figure! Um, and made in the US of A. 

Sure, it's $1650 (cough), but if you can swing it, you'll have this bag around for a very, long time. I mean, you'll have to, right? ;)

P.S. Adorable how OP added a blue pom pom to her bag...squeal!!

[Photos Courtesy Berry Brown]

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