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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

James Perse Workout Gear...Gasp!

You don't say. Believe it or not, on any given week, you can find this girl (that's moi) in a pair of yoga pants to balance out the days I'm in heels (or wedges...I do cheat these days). But, ya don't think I pick up little C. from school in stilettos, do ya? ;) I'm so in love with Pilates (and yoga is great, too) that I'm always in search of the next best "pant." Why? Because the pants really make the workout, and if you have on the wrong ones, it can sorta put a damper on your workout. And since I've always been in complete, mad love with James Perse (the tee line, y'all), I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email stating they have - gasp - yoga pants. And a sweet lil' muscle tee, to boot.

Sometimes I like the boot-cut leg for Pilates (since, after all, you're not stretching in quite so many awk ways as yoga), but one of my fav pairs of pants is actually more like a yoga pant and tapered at the ankles. So...I'm feeling these pants, you guys. (I really wish I could feel these pants, because if they're anything like my JP tees, I won't want to take them off. Which could be bad in fashion I guess...) Since there aren't many of these stores around, I'll probably just have to deal with ordering online (and even then that will be after the baby weight...even the XL is not looking so XL on their size chart, haha). 

I also love that that they come in such stylish, pretty hues...navy pants, yes! Or the most gorgeous aquamarine muscle tee. And at $105, the pants aren't any pricier than you-know-who.
[Photos via James Perse]

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