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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Koolaburra Mocky Mocs: Would You Wear?

Today's post was supposed to be a pregnancy style post...womp, womp. Then it stormed like cray cray for two days and all of a sudden I found my tired, pregnant self lounging on the couch eating oranges (boy? girl? someone help me out here!). So...next week expect an out of this world style post...or, hey, just a style post? I know I've been lazy, y'all, and I'm sorry. I promise you will see my face again, but for now will Vanessa Hudgens and her beautiful self work?

I just can't seem to forget about these Koolaburra Mocky Moc shoes. I mean, what's wrong with me?! Four months pregnant and I'm already craving pure comfort...sheesh. But, I'm wondering...do you have to be tan, beautiful and thin to pull them off like VH? It's debatable. 

VH slipped these on after Pilates...and I'm such a sucker for slipping on shoes like this to and from class. So easy and comfy! I feel like I'm insane for loving the way they look with shorts. I mean, they are sheepskin...but still...The fringe and the ankle bootie silhouette are two details I love about this shoe. And while right now, down south, it's very hard to understand wearing sheepskin shoes, pretty soon all of our little feet will be pining away. 

Are you jumping on the Mocky Moc boat this fall? Do tell! xo

P.S. They're on sale very soon at Koolaburra.com.

[Photo via Koolaburra/Splash News]

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