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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Strappy Heels You Can Afford

Kristin Cavallari def has her hands full lately (um, literally?). She's already carrying around the sweetest lil' guy! KC makes looking like a chic mom effortless...let's all try this at home, shall we? So many people have asked me where to find affordable strappy heels - you know. The two-strap heels that's so on trend right now. Well, here's my answer! Kristin makes some pretty awesome heels from her new shoe collection with Chinese Laundry (trust, I saw all of them IRL while in NY and I'm not pretending here). 

This style she's been wearing recently from Chinese Laundry by Kristin Cavallari - in blue and white - is the Lotteria and retails for $119.95. They also come in melon - or classic black! They look awesome with skinny jeans, but imagine with a skirt...or dress...or romper! The possibilities are endless, and the shoes look way more expensive than they actually are. And by that I don't mean low quality, either. CL is a brand I trust over and over again. With all the shoe brands to choose from, it's very hard to know, so I'm telling you that if you're going to go with an inexpensive, on trend option, this is a great choice! When you decide on these shoes, can you give me a holler? I'm just dying to know!

P.S. Can I please look like KC after I give birth in February? Ok, thanks.

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  1. I LOVE K-Cav's shoe line! Such cute stuff!!



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