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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Kissy Kissy

Oh heavens, y'all. I've died and gone to sweet, sweet baby clothing heaven with these Kissy Kissy items. I'm trying so hard not to buy anything until next month when we know the baby's gender. Then I can either pull loads of boxes from my "baby boy" attic or go completely nutso and buy everything pink in sight. :) I'm sure D. would rather the former, but ya know. I'm sorta, completely swooning over all of the girl's pieces from the fall Kissy Kissy line that will hit stores September 15. I went through the gobs of cuteness and these are the three favs I picked out of them all, the cheetah being beyond adorable. 

What I love about this brand is how so sincerely sweet everything is...it's so "all baby." Little ruffles...footed onesies...dainty flowers......velour (!)...teddy bears and stars. I can almost smell that wonderful baby smell through the screen, y'all! Everything is so tiny, I can't wait to hold something so small again. Precious.

Now while I did lead with the cutesy girl things (hey, I gotta take advantage while I can...it might not be this way for long!), remember I do sorta have a crush on baby boys. ;) My fav three fall pieces from the Kissy Kissy collection are shown here, with the Organic Dots pattern above being the ultimate. I always say that when you can buy organic, do it. Especially in the important newborn stage. So, for me, organic + dots = a no-brainer. 

Then you have moonbeams and puppy dogs that are patterns just too sweet...what little boys are made of, for sure. The baby blue and white is so swoon-worthy...I just love dressing babies as they should be. As babies! Only five more months until I get to kissy, kissy another of my own... ;)

P.S. Kissy Kissy is sold at major stores like Saks (particularly, cheetah and puppy prints) and Bloomingdales (the second girl's print shown...a la mode). Visit kissykissyonline.com to find a store near you!

[Photos Courtesy Kissy Kissy]

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