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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Mama Bee Love

Remember the other day I told you I was starting to slather on everything I can to prevent stretch marks and the like? Well, I wasn't kidding. I have several go-to brands on the counter now and I just alternate every night, never straying. I've always been an avid Burt's Bees fan for little C. (he uses the body wash/shampoo religiously), so when it comes to my body with baby I also want what's best for it. The Mama Bee products are outstanding, especially the belly butter ($13). 

I was sent the belly butter to try out (I used it when I was pregnant with little C. down to the last drop, but this version is a "new and improved" formula), and it's so good. My belly never really itches, and I actually have been lucky to never get a stretch mark, but if anything it just feels darn good. It moisturizes and smells so good, too...a little pampering at this stage never hurt anyone. It's fragrance free but it has that natural smell of shea, cocoa and jojoba butters as they melt on the skin. It's also a huge jar, so it pretty much lasts most of the nine months! 

P.S. While Mama Bee is great, I can't wait to dive into the new Baby Bee products. They have organic clothing...with bees on it...squeal!!! If I'm not just tempted to go ahead and buy everything in the neutral gender section. Click over to look at this heirloom bee sweater. I mean, I could scoop up all of it...and it's not even ridiculously priced!

[Photo via Burt's Bees]

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