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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whiny Wednesday: Second Trimester Musings

Hey, everyone! I'm finally in the the midst of my beloved second trimester and I can say goooooodbye first trimester, you little stinker. I honestly don't remember being that nauseated with little C., but maybe I just don't remember? Maybe all the running around after soccer balls and stretching myself across the hardwood floors all day playing Legos has something to do with more nausea? ;)

But lately I'm feeling good, but you know what? little C. had stopped taking naps for months, and now he's taking them with me. What?! I'll certainly take it, although it sure makes for late bedtimes. I did find myself kind of missing snuggling next to him. Ya don't know what ya got until it's gone, right? 

I still have an entire month until I find out if baby (my little lemon, at the moment) is a boy or girl...eek! It's so, so hard to wait. I don't know how people wait until the baby is born, y'all! Of course, I've already got everything planned in either scenario (nursery colors, baby names, furniture); can't shake that Virgo in me. I'm also planning on having a fun gender reveal party to share with friends and family the sex of the baby...which means I'm going to have to keep it a secret from my mother for FOUR whole days. Wish me luck on that. With little C., we had our parents in the ultrasound room, and I just wanted something different this time around. Plus, it's a great excuse to see all of my friends in one spot again. 

I'm still craving citrus and lots of junk (yikes...it's nuts), but I'm continuing to attend Pilates on a regular basis and hop on the treadmill when I can. The pool has also been a great way to cool off in this heat! We had a ultrasound at the last appointment and the little one was sucking its thumb...I couldn't believe how big it had gotten from the spec it started as in the first appointment! Of course, hearing the sweet heartbeat and seeing it beat on the screen never gets old. 

I had intended to write in this post all about something new I'm trying this time: a doula. But, I might just save that for an entirely new post once I've worked with mine. I've hired a doula to help me through this pregnancy; basically someone who will be by my side to help me make tough decisions/support me/breath with me, while I'm in labor. Especially since I've made the decision to try to go as natural as possible. Yep, you heard me. I've even signed up for the natural childbirth classes, so wish me luck! 

Hope I haven't rambled here, but thought I'd fill you in a little since my style posts have been absent. Expect a new one next week...I have a new pair of jeans I can't wait to show off! Mwah...xoxo

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  1. I recently had a great convo with someone about doulas- they went without for #1, with for #2, and wouldn't consider anything else down the road than using one. I have a false sense of assurance that I can rock this birth, on my own (well with husband), but talk to me afterwards;)


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