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Friday, September 6, 2013

Beaucoo Is For Every Woman

Being the social media butterfly I am, I've been tooling around a few new fashion apps lately and one that I'm really loving is called Beaucoo. It's kinda perfect for anyone who loves style and fashion and likes to show off what they're wearing - and get inspiration from others at the same time. The cool catch that makes it different than anything else? (because there are soooo many apps out there!) Beaucoo has you enter your body measurements (confidentially, of course) so that it can filter to you photos of others who measure about the same size, making it easier to "dress for your body type." In the words of Beaucoo, "[the app] creates a safe place where women can inspire other women with their style and fashion as needed. No negativity allowed. Just pure, fashion fun for everyone." I like that idea, don't you?

What the app is trying to do is gain a body positive (#BoPo) community, which we could all use in the fashion industry. Agree? And believe me, I've never been more aware of my body than during pregnancy...wow! I'm constantly learning how to fine-tune my outfits for this bump of mine. And when I find just the right thing? It makes me feel so good about myself and confident! It's not easy, that's for sure. I'm hoping Beaucoo can help with my new measurements and provide me with a little inspiration. And that's just it...Beaucoo is for every woman. It's not a plus-size or pregnancy or supermodel-thin app...it's for every, single one of us. Whew! Sorta something to be relieved about after seeing photo after photo from fashion week, eh?

I started my own profile a few weeks ago and you can follow me here at iheartheels. And if using another new app sounds scary or time consuming to you, no worries. It's really not at all! I got the hang of it literally in minutes. But, here's a great video that shows you how to use Beaucoo. If you're like me, you need a visual, so I think this will def help you get started!

If you decide to try it out, let me know! I'm curious to see how you like it because I think you'll really adore it. For me, personally, it really takes the frustration out of styling. I use other apps (that I love) that follow the same general idea, but I must admit I get a little irritated, if not annoyed, by the fact that I love the outfits the girls are wearing but I realize they don't work with my body type. Beaucoo is a relief in that sense, and I love that it inspires confidence to show off your size, no matter what it is! And knowing there are so many other girls who are your same size who look amazing is sorta a comforting thought as well. 

Gone are the days of low self-esteem and no confidence. We all have our own style, whatever our size. So let's show it off, girlies!

More good news: You can download the app on both the iPhone and Android

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Beaucoo for this post, but as always, everything written is my whole-hearted opinion and I truly mean it. Have fun with Beaucoo. ;)

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